Media Reviews


“Mike Toth did a great job broadcasting baseball games for Russ Parker’s team, (Calgary Cannons) better than anyone before him.” – Calgary Sun

“Caught CFAC-TV’s Mike Toth doing a Calgary 88′s basketball battle last week and thought he was terrific. I’d love to be Toth’s agent, as he’ll go far. He’s got the looks, sports knowledge and play-by-play ability.” – Calgary Sun

“While ‘Sportsnet Unplugged’ has shone lights on a variety of subjects, it has also inadvertently shone an even brighter light on its host and creator, Mike Toth. What it has revealed is a more serious, thoughtful side to a guy perceived as the clown prince of the sports highlights shows.” – Toronto Star

“Mike Toth’s ‘Sportsnet Unplugged’ is first-rate. It probes an issue by setting it up with a report, then involves a panel and winds up with reaction from the street. Toth is aggressive without being obnoxious.” – Globe and Mail

“If all you want is straight up scores and statistics, check the Internet or read the paper. But if you’d like to have some fun and a little bit of analysis, sarcasm and humour as part of your game summary, Mike Toth delivers.” – Richmond Hill Post Magazine

“He (Mike Toth) has managed to parlay his talent into a position as one of the funniest, most original figures on the Canadian sports media scene.” - TV Times Magazine

“Talk to Mike Toth and you realize he not only brings the right perspective to his work, his insight is every bit as equal to his wit.” – Vancouver Province

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