Broadcaster Coach


Many people think nothing of spending big money on personal fitness trainers, golf instructors or tennis lessons.

But when it comes to investing in their professional career, the very life-blood of a person’s financial survival, very few individuals ever seek assistance.

“What about on-the-job training?,” you may be asking. “Surely my company will give me all the skills I require to be successful.”

But when you talk to broadcasters, many of them state that the number one problem with the media industry is the lack of professional training and feedback they receive when it comes to the skills that impact their on-air performance.

Now there’s a solution, as Mike Toth is ready to utilize over 25 years of television and radio experience in both sports and news to help you become the best broadcaster you can be.

From sharing advice that will enhance your on-air ability, to providing thought-provoking feedback and relating tales of a few mistakes he’s made along the way (So you can avoid them!), Mike looks forward to helping you achieve your professional goals.

Whether you’re currently working in the media industry, just breaking in or contemplating a broadcast career, Mike is ready to share his passion and “Coach you up”.

To contact Mike about his Broadcaster Coaching service or to inquire about his special Student Rates and Company Consultations, email him at

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